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About the Artist

Amalia Kouvalis is a Chicago based artist with a BFA in oil painting and printmaking from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Heavily influenced by dreams, silent films, and Victorian aesthetics, Amalia conjures mysterious beings from dark, melancholic atmospheres. Due to Amalia’s frequent sleep paralysis episodes, she depicts her subjects submerged in ambiguous emptiness, existing within a realm of dream and reality. Whether these night creatures are real, from a dream, or weightless beings from a past life, they repeatedly appear alone and naked to belong eternally to a timeless space. Although her work is embodied as representational realism, Amalia illustrates surrealist undertones by producing eerie auras.

Currently, Amalia is the 2017-2018 artist in resident at Lillstreet Art Center for Printmaking & Book Arts. Follow her journey as an artist through her instagram (@amaliakouvalis)!